Directive from BOWLS Qld … It is policy that persons who hold a position in the Bowls Queensland organisational structure State, District or Club level as a Coach, Umpire or Selector must hold a current Queensland Government Blue Card.

Officials at all levels are expected to have a set of skills and be able to perform relevant duties competently.

A National Umpire is to be neutral and fair as they can be called upon to decide disputes or to give interpretation of the laws. National Umpires must be proficient measurers and have full knowledge and awareness of all aspects of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.

Measurers are responsible for the measuring of bowls when called by players. Measurers must be familiar with the appropriate and correct use of all measuring equipment and able to effectively communicate the results of measures.

Marking: many good people contribute to the enjoyment of our game, and none more so than a good marker. Markers must understand the bowls environment, be well prepared with the necessary equipment, and be able to organise themselves and the match environment.

If you are interested in improving your marking skills or becoming a qualified umpire or measurer contact your club for details on upcoming courses.