Our Team

Thuringowa City Bowls Club Inc is a non-profit organisation run by 100% enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers. We are always on the lookout for members who are willing to share their skills, knowledge and passion to help us be the best that we can be!

If you would like to gain a sense of achievement, make lasting memories with positive connections; then why not consider volunteering at your Club? There are numerous areas of club operations that need your help including BINGO!, Friday raffles, Coaching and Umpiring. We also have committee vacancies and would love to see you get involved.

To all our volunteers, thanks for making a difference! 💙

Life Membership is the highest recognition for service to Thuringowa City Bowls Club by a person or Member of the Club who satisfies the following pre-requisites:

Rendering extraordinary service to bowls in a way that surpasses the contributions of their peers; assisting the advancement of bowls at the Club as an administrator and/or a player for more than 10 years; and having demonstrated achievements considered to be unusual or exceptional and beyond what would normally be expected.