Thuringowa City Bowls Club was purchased by Brothers Rugby League in 2012.
Brother’s injected the much needed cash and transformed the struggling bowling club into a very popular thriving boutique sports club.

Below is a short extract of where it all began …

The following was written by an unknown Member in 1993 …

The idea for a Bowls Club was conceived in 1974. Land was obtained in the ‘outer’ suburb Kirwan. Ten months elapsed before the Club progressed to a possible constitutional level when the first President (Ken Macklin) was elected on 22 January 1975. Red tape and paperwork followed, with meetings being held under the tree between the green and Bamford Lane. The very first clubhouse was a ‘loo’ which literally fell off the back of a truck and work began in earnest on the construction of No 1 Green.

History records that morale weakened and members were going elsewhere. A major recruitment drive ensued, fund raising activities increased, two caravans became the next clubhouse, a Booth Licence was obtained and Thuringowa Bowls Club staged its first game of bowls on Anzac Day 1979 – just 14 years ago. Life Member Tom Lowth was at the helm during this trying period.

Stage one of the Clubhouse (now the bar) began to rise out of the ground in April 1980. Then in 1981, President ‘King’ Cole over-sighted further expansion – the second green and the Green-keeper’s workshop and store. Under the leadership of Presidents Bill Kelly (1985/86) and Gus Hannam (1986/90) the Club continued to prosper. In 1988, the clubhouse was extended to incorporate a function room, locker rooms, additional toilets and kitchen improvements.

On 12 February 1992 the first Poker machines for Townsville and Thuringowa were switched on at the Club, followed quickly by the opening of Rinks Bistro on 24 July in the same year. During this period Bob Kinnane assumed Presidency.

On Tuesday 6 October 1992 work commenced on the latest extension and refurbishment programme – you can all see the result! Not only can we now boast the best Greens in the region but the most modern and comfortable Clubhouse – and, of course, a justifiably proud membership.